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Sympoisum Dates:November 15-17, 2019

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7th International Symposium on Academic Studies in  Educational and Social Sciences

15-17, November, 2019, Ankara, Turkey

As we know, with the 21st century, the world quickly moved into a new era. What distinguishes this new age from its predecessors is that the point where humankind came from is now even more likely to surpass itself. In this century, it is very obvious that man will have to redefine himself. As a matter of fact, we can call this era as cyber age with a wholesale approach. On the one hand, while the robots slowly emerge as the biggest rivals of the people, on the other hand, internet and smart technologies have caused cultural degeneration as an unprecedented globalization and coordination. Similarly, global economy, population growth, air and environmental pollution, pollution of water resources, drought or unpredictable weather events have been threatening people every day, while human beings are witnessing unparalleled technical advances, social structures are disintegrating, and families and nations are becoming depressed. The element that will ensure the recovery and balancing of humanity is to produce conscious social projects with a qualified education, to understand the world and to raise the individuals who perceive the solution for the problems as a primary agenda. In order to accomplish these aims, the locomotive role, as opposed to expectations, will not be held by the technology, but the social sciences will carry out this. With this consciousness, for creating a platform where the latest developments in social and education sciences will be shared at regular time periods, we are organizing an international symposium named as International Symposium on Academic Studies in  Educational and Social Sciences. The papers presented in this organisation are made available to the world at the end of the symposiums through e-book and print in the same year. In this way, researchers from all over the world can easily access these studies, follow the work done in social and educational sciences every year, and follow trends in new studies and related disciplines. In this year, in line with the same targets, we are planning to hold the 7th of our symposium in Ankara between 15-17 November 2019. Your honouring will make us happy.

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